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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Thanks to everyone that posted a reply to the boat moving request, as usual I was overwhelmed with the response, sorry if I didn't get around to thanking you all individually, I would still be here until very late doing so, its also amazing who follows the blog, I cant thank you all enough for your continued support, thanks to Ray and Claire who were the fastest in replying and, they were keen and was expecting me to still be awake at 11.30pm last night so that i could contact them with the details,Well trust me that's well past my bed time! Any way they are now on the boat and it is well and truly on its way back here and it will be with us tomorrow.

Its been a manic day today hence the late posting of the blog tonight, David Angela and myself were in a meeting with a new systems operator for a couple of hours today and then of course me and Ange had to catch up with the back log of jobs that was amounting for us, this was as well as another meeting today and looking after the many lads that we have in at the moment doing different jobs around the place, at one stage of the day I counted 15 people in, and this is a quiet day in March, the place has also been quiet busy with people around as well, nice weather again!

The new system that we are putting in is all about how we book all of our boats and it will enable everyone to book on line, see the avalability and also pay on line, it will save us a fai amount of work in trems of handling phone calls for booking boats but it will give all of our customers the flexability to book a boat 24/7, keep your eyes out for it on our websites.

That's it from me, I'm off home now.

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