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Monday, 12 March 2012

Its all go

From the looks of things and the lack of blog from David yesterday they had a busy weekend, the weather was pretty amazing, I was down in Southampton and the temperature was in the high teens and I believe it was very nice at Norbury as well. Its been 'all go' today, the stone arrived for the moorings first thing this morning and Steve, Arron and another helper made a start, the second lorry arrived a this afternoon with another load and as I type there is 6 people with wheel barrows and shovels moving stone down the moorings, its a hard job and i am sure they will all sleep well tonight, we have been busy in the shop today and the wharf has seen several boats on it today for services, in fact at one point Norbury junction should have been renamed Clapham junction as there were boats everywhere.

We have had a bit of a move around of boats today as we have had several more brokerage boats come in for sale and several have been sold or are awaiting survey, so David has been busy sorting that out, we also moved the new day boat, it looks great in its 'fleet' colours, see what you think.

That's it from me for tonight.

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