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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

We have water!

It was very foggy on my way in to work this morning, you know the sort of wet drizzly damp heavy mist that hangs heavy in the morning air, as I drove along the main road towards Norbury I could see that it was going to be a nice day and as I got to about four miles away in the village of Woodseaves (staffordshire)and the fog disapered like Houdini, it was amazing to look in my rear view mirror and see a wall of fog with cars disappearing in to it,it was something like out of the film 'The Fog' as i came in to Norbury and approached the pub the sun was shining and it has remained a superb day all day, blue skies, the water like glass reflecting the sun, if the temperatures were a little higher you would think it was mid August, although this afternoon I did get my coat off and have been out side doing some jobs, its been grand!

Given the incredible weather today I would have thought that we would have seen many more people around the wharf but it has been surprisingly quiet, the lads haven't been so quiet though, Steve and Arron are in the last stages off finishing off the moorings and preparing for the many tons of stone that we will be laying down next week to form the new path, we have the first load delivered on Monday morning, Bernard has replaced the engine on a shared boat that he had taken out to weld up some very annoying drain holes that were not doing their job properly, Fred has been blacking and has been a general pain, Simon has been welding and doing work on a private boat, Billy has been fitting an aerial to one of the hire boats and recommissioning it ready for its first outing soon while Matt has been painting Bounty, its gonna look good, its being sign written on Thursday and I know David will get some pictures of it as it emerges from the wet dock this coming weekend.

My uncles have been causing their usual havoc, I have enlisted their talents to improve the water supply to the moorings, we have upgraded its supply from our holiday cottage and extended it to two further stanchions further along the moorings so they have made all of the connections and this afternoon was the big turn on, well not that grand an occasion really,but none the less it was another step closer to finishing the improvement works on the moorings, I am pleased to say that there were no major leaks and I had the honor of turning the furthest most tap on and getting my boots wet! I know that all of the moorers that will benefit from it will be really pleased.

Thats it from me for today, so until tomorrow

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