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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Its here

At long last its finally arrived, its official, its Spring, its the first day of spring today, and it was overcast and grey this morning but by lunch time the sun was out in its full glory and its been a stunning afternoon and, We have been blessed by the weather over this winter lets hope that its good spring and summer, I know we desperately need rain, I also know that many of the canals are already suffering with restrictions because of lack of water in the reservoirs, but I still hope we have a nice hot season, it would be nice if it just rained at night!

Its been a quiet day here today at Norbury, a handful of passing boats but not many people around and the phones have been amazingly quiet, however Angela was busy first thing and by 9.30 she had taken three hire bookings, she has remained busy all day making curtains as well as several breakfasts this morning, we should change here name to Angel! Bernard was in first thing and has gone off to a boat over in Halesowen to prepare it for a trip back to Norbury, it hasn't run for a long time so new batteries and a quick service are required, We docked a boat for survey this morning and Fred has now pressure washed it off ready for a coat of black on the hull, Simon is still cleaning up Phantoms engine and poor old Matt has been preparing and painting in the wet dock, I say poor old Matt as he had a fall the other day and dislocated some fingers, they were popped back in but he is still suffering a bit.

That's it from me for another day.

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