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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Online bookings

I took Annie out about 7am this morning and the shop wasn't visible as I walked across the Junction bridge to the incredible fog that had come down over night. It reminded me of going down to London some fifteen years ago. I hoped off with the bike at Springwell lock and cycled down to the next Black Jack's lock to get the it ready for when the boats arrived. The mist always hangs low in the Colne Valley anyway but I haven't ever seen it that bad before. Cycling was a bit dodgy at times, but upon getting the lock ready it was really spooky to be able to hear the boats coming and not see them until the foreends entered the lock. Black Jack's is haunted anyway and the late Les Lapworth (boatmen) always used to tease me when I was a teenager about the ghost that used to drop paddles and cause havoc with the boats at that lock. It's even worse in the dark!

The fog stayed with us until about 10.30 but then it has been a glorious day for the rest of the day, although I fear that it will drop cold again overnight tonight.

Finally and following hours of hard work our new hire boat and dayboat availability search and online booking system has today gone LIVE! We are in the process of finishing off the required authorisation to accept online payments, but in the meantime it is possible to book a boat and then either give us a call to take the payment or we will give you a call by the following working day. I think we have ironed out all of the creases and I hope that it flows smoothly, but if anyone has any queries, questions or suggested improvements please do not hestiate to contact me and I will do my best to help you along the way. The booking system is designed to be used in a modern browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. For full details please visit our website.

It has been incredibly busy here today. It's like someone has given out a press release that Norbury is the place to be. We've only had one shared owned boat go out today, which Simon has been working on. Bernard has been working on a regular customer's boat, doing an engine service. Fred followed him along and has done a smashing job of cleaning the engine bay out - you could eat your dinner out of the bilge. All of the normal jobs have been done completed too - blacking, serving customers on the wharf etc. The girls have been extremely busy in the tearoom and I must say that they have all done a sterling job. Ange has been here there and everywhere to keep on top of whats going on.

Tomorrows another day, and by the looks of it the weather is going to be smashing, so I would expect that we will be very busy.

Until then....


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