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Saturday, 7 July 2012

busy day today

hi again, we have been quite busy here at norbury today.
we had 3 day boats go out this morning, all ordered the breakfast baps that we offer to them for £1.99 per head so the girls were busy cooking them this morning and the smell of bacon bought everyone else out for breakfast too. one party didn't turn up til 10 o'clock so they only had time to go down to high onn, turn round and then they made their way back to gnosall which is where they spent a glorious afternoon in the sun that we have enjoyed for most of the day here, then it started raining about 3 pm, and it has been on and off ever since.
we had 7 boats return to us this morning 5 of which have turned round and gone on their holidays again, all returned without issues and happy holiday makers turned up this afternoon with wellies, sandles, shorts, trousers and coats as they just don't what is going to happen with the weather, but still intend to have a good time, i hope it stays dry for them all.
i gave fred a list of boats as long as his arm that have got to be dieseled, pumped out and gassed....i was on the naughty step again, however i have managed to find him a little helper called william so i wasn't on the step for long, they got along like a house on fire so fred will be allowing him to come back again next week.
denise and lorraine have been out cleaning the boats today and when they had finished they cracked on with all the washing that was waiting in the laundry, kim manned the tea room and joyce has been helping me with paperwork and meeting and greeting the hirers, i think she sold a map to most of them aswell, well done joyce.
david has been busy sorting out t.v reception on the boats and generally keeping a watchful eye on the lads in the yard who have been engineering and doing cabin checks. we also had becks in today showrounds, thanks becks for all your help.
well that's it from me today, until next time, byee.

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