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Sunday, 29 July 2012

female blog again...........sorry

hi, yes i'm afraid you have to up up with me again tonight, david has gone to audlem to bring his friends boats back through norbury tomorrow and so i said i'd do the blog tonight.
it was quite misty here this morning when i woke up and thought to myself.......mmmm...mist = sun, i was right, it has been an absolutely glorious day here today, a bit cloudy on occasion but for the most part....fantastic.
we had 3 day boats out first thing this morning and all returned without issues and all had a fab day.
we undocked mrs d this morning and simons friends boat has gone onto the dock but don't ask me what it's called cos i don't know, all it said on the calendar was "ants boat" and that is not it's name, simon we need to be a bit more specific please...ha ha.
charlotte did a valet on one of the ex ownerships boats when it returned to us today and other than that kim, charlotte and lorraine have been very busy in the tea room, we have sold loads of ice cream today and cake like it has been going out of fashion, i have placed a mega cake order from our supplier irene today and i don't know how she does it (she must work through the night) but i bet they will all be here tomorrow and still warm from the oven.
mick was called out to honeystreet this afternoon, they had broken the tilller off the boat....oops....he has to bring it back here to repair and then take it back to them when it's done, welder simon is not here tomorrow so welder jenkins might have to do it.
we have seen a fair amount of boats on the wharf today for diesel and pump outs which has kept mick and david busy and i have been doing angela things, paperwork, bookings and washing, not too much washing this weekend but all done, washed, folded and put away......i hate a messy laundry so i have also had a major tidy up aswell.
we have been a member of staff down today, denise, she has gone on a well earned 2 week break to llangollen, i had a text from her this morning and this is what it said "i wish i was a glow worm cos they are never glum, how can you be grumpy when the sun shines up your bum", sorry to share that with you all but i went to the pet shop to buy my dyl a treat and saw these signs i couldn't resist buying this particular one as it made me laugh, she has not stopped laughing since and obviously felt the need to text it to me as she is now on her hols, thanks for that denise, now everyone knows we are mad here at norbury, we will also be stocking these hilarious signs at norbury as simon liked it aswell and asked me to start stocking them, so if you fancy a laugh you know where we are, well that's it from me for tonight.......byyyeee, ange.

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