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Sunday, 1 July 2012

where are we all coming from

we had 1 day boat out this morning that returned without issues and had a nice dry day.
we also had a very quiet day to start with and then around 11 o'clock si's phone rang internally with a desperate call from denise who had just had loads of cyclists turn up and was desperate for help.
we do have a set menu but they all wanted things not on the menu..........confusing........u bet.
lorraine, joyce and kim were all out in the yard cleaning boats and doing washing so we had to haul them all back in again to help, and that was really how it stayed for the rest of the day. what i have forgotten to mention is that when i went to fetch them to help they had been inside "taliesen" that had just come out of the paint dock, had had it's windows removed, covered in paint dust on the inside and all emerged looking like faces and hands and singing where are we all coming from.........i can only assume "smurf land".............ha ha.
we have taken a couple of holiday bookings today for july and strangely enough all on python!!!!!!!
as it was the end of the month yesterday i have been doing end of month invoicing and statements for clients and simon will say that i have been very ratty, i have not at all i have just been getting on with my work. he has had problems today sending me e mails.............guess what, they all came through at 5 o'clock boat is now on it's mooring and i am sitting out on the bow writing this blog and enjoying a nice glass of white, until next time, byee ange.

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  1. Should be spelt Taliesin ...... how do I know 'it's my middle name' I even know the entomology and meaning.