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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

slow start to the day

hi, me again.....we had a slow start this morning, the day started a bit over cast, but we did have 3 day boats out first thing who all had a good day and returned without issues, one of them was a surprise for a 60th birthday, never been on a boat before and thoroughly enjoyed it.
we had quite a few boats on the wharf today for pump out, gas and diesel.
we have also undocked and docked boats today, i'm not going to lie but i couldn't tell you the boats names, oh no just remembered, mrs d on the dock for blacking!!!!!!!!!! sorry mrs d.
jodie and lorraine have manned the tea room today and have been busy, we had a cake delivery today, all freshly cooked, 24 scones included in the delivery and 10 minutes later they were gone, i got straight on to irene who will be cooking them for us tonight and will be there 1st thing in the morning.......thanks irene, you're a star.
i have been busy putting stock away, ordering stock and answering the constantly ringing phone, day boat bookings and holiday bookings and also hirers ringing to find out how far they can get in the designated time.
simon has been doing simon things, he had some friends from southampton arrive today who want some work doing on their narrowboat, they look after his boat down in southampton so now he is now looking after their boat at norbury.
jake has been doing internal checks on the boats that are going out on saturday and fred has been his usual self.........moaning and grumpy, we love ya really fred.
well that's it from me for today........till next time, byyyeeee.

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