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Monday, 30 July 2012

glum reading

I knew it was too good to last, just looking at the weather forecast for the next week and if we are lucky we might have one day this week where the sun shines, last week was great and it pretty much felt like summer but that might just be it for this year, I haven't looked at the long term forecast as I reckon that it has the tendency to change like the wind, but at least the rain has gone today and as I write the blog the sun is shining, lets hope that the wind blows hard and blows away this poor weather.

Jake was slightly late as he had a small car accident this morning, we had three day boats out first thing of which Mick and Jake (when he came in) showed out, I prepared pippin as that also went out today, Jake showed that out too, He also had to attend a break down, well it was more of a 'break off' as one of the shared boats that we look after managed to snap of their 'rams head' off the rams head is the 'S' shaped metal tube that the tiller fits on to and steers the boat, when he had sorted that out he then started some engine services on private boats that are in at the moment, Steve has been looking after the wharf as well as repairing punctured tyres on the works vehicles, blacking a boat that Simon has been plating, Mick has been working on a couple of private jobs and The girls have been looking after the shop and tea room.

That's it from me for toady

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