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Friday, 27 July 2012

Quiet day

Considering that we are now a week in to the schools summer holiday period it has been uncannily quiet, Friday is usually a very busy day, we have only had one day boat go out today but we have had four hire boats go out and one shared boat to get ready, Jake has engineered the four boats while Fred has completed their services, Jake then showed all four out while Fred went and blacked a boat on the dock, the weather has been lovely today and the sun has shone all day but it was not as hot and humid as it has been over the last few days, the sun has bought out a few folks to enjoy sitting out side of the tea room sipping tea and eating our home made cakes.

David is back in on Saturday after catching up on some owed days off, i am sure he will keep you entertained in my absence, he will no doubt tell you about his travels and the festival of transport at Audlem this weekend.

Short blog from me for today as I am off down to Southampton tonight, so until Monday

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