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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

wound down

hi, i think simon has wound down, he hasn't written the blog.............naughty step simon, have a nice holiday and we will see you in 2 1/2 weeks.
we haven't been too busy in the shop and tea room but it has been enough to keep lorraine, simon and myself occupied. fred has been kept occupied on the wharf with diesel and pump outs, i don't think i've heard him moaning today either......must have got out of the right side of the bed for a change although he did ask my advice about something and then said if it's wrong you'll be in trouble ange, is that o.k.....mmmmmmmmmmm
lorraine has ticked over nicely on her own in the tea room and i have been catching up with the washing from the boats and the odd service wash. we have also done a couple of holiday bookings and booked 2 day boats for tomorrow, i hope the weather is kind to them.
engineer simon and jake have been tidying out the engine stores at long last, i went in there last week to get some elsan blue, some kind soul had stacked it all in the corner of the stores and then piled a load of rubbish right in front of it........thanks, so i had a i do, and now it's been shifted.......thanks lads. the weather here today has been very mixed, one minute raining, next minute the sun out and boiling hot, you just don't know what to wear. denise was busy in the garden yesterday, the rockery was getting a little overgrown, with all the rain we have been having she hasn't been able to get out there and then of course when the sun does come out everything starts growing, but she did a great job and it looks much tidier.
well as you know simon is off for 2 1/2 weeks (yay) oops, sorry simon we will miss you honestly, but it's all i've heard alllllllllll day, holiday holiday holiday time, i'll be thinking i've gone deaf when i get back to work on friday. we have also sold another boat today............sheba.
well that's it from me til next time........byeee, ange.

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