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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

multi tasking again.........well there's a thing

yoo hoo everyone, i've been allowed to write the blog again!!!!
what a busy day we have had here at 10 o'clock this morning i must have administered 1000 litres of diesel into boats that appeared on the wharf, i don't know where fred was hiding, but hay ho we all muck in together, not forgetting i do not do pump outs :)
we had 25 cyclists turn up about 11 o'clock and i had asked denise to clean a boat down the arm, we soon fetched her back and she never left the tea room after that, denise, joyce and i have been in there for most of the day and simon has been asking where i have been hiding.....mmmmm
we have sold 2 boats today.....oops, simon has sold 2 boats today..sorry simon, we have sold moonshine and a momentary lapse of reason, deposits have been taken and moonshine is awaiting a survey.
the phones have not stopped ringing today, people have obviously been watching the weather as day boat bookings have gone through the roof and people are booking and paying on line, the hire boats have also started to pick up too.
the reason for the title of this blog is because as i am writing it i am also making curtains for my boat but when simon said "i haven't written the blog tonight", i said "i will write it if you like" and then my friend carolyn turned up with new needles for my sewing machine, of which i broke the last one last night and i also ran out of heading tape.........she's a life saver, thanks carolyn..........i am now going to get on with my sewing, so until next time..........byyyeeee.

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