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Thursday, 5 July 2012

I just can't resist it

I heard bop bop bop bop... this morning whilst I was getting my head around the long email that Simon had left me and I just had to have a look. I just can't resist sticking my head around the door when I hear an old engine. To my amazement it was Mary with her motor boat Swan, followed closely by David Lowe with Swallow.

Both of these boats were built by Yarwoods at Northwich in the 1930s and were originally powered by unique 11hp single cylinder hot bulb Gardners with reversing gearboxes. Amazingly enough, Swan is still fitted with her original engine, which Mary keeps in fantastic condition. The boat was lovingly restored a few years ago by the combined efforts of Ian Kemp, Malcolm Webster and ofcourse Mary herself. Here's a couple of pictures of her.

I first met Mary about twenty three years ago when she lived aboard in Battlebridge Basin near Kings Cross in London. Norburys a great location to catch up with old friends as they pass through. After they both filled up with diesel this morning, I bid them fair well as they headed off to the south.

It's been a busy day here at Norbury today, complimented by some better weather and amazingly enough the sun has been out all afternoon.

I must fly... I'm off to Trent lock to a friends birthday party.

Until tomorrow.



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