Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

not disappointed but disappointed

Confused? well I am not disappointed in the weather forecast as they managed to get it right for a change however i am disappointed with the weather, grey and overcast today and we have had showers but at least it hasn't been torrential rain, the weather has dampened some peoples spirits today and we have been a bit quiet on the wharf and in the tea room and shop but the phone has been busy with bookings for day boats and hire boats!

We had two day boats out first thing, Joyce had made a mistake on the paperwork and for a moment it appeared that she had double booked the boats, Ange's face was a picture, soon sorted and the boats were soon on their way, I showed one out and Simon showed the other one out, Freddie and Mick docked a boat and Fred washed it off and prepared its counter bands (also known as tunnel bands, these I believe were so that boats that were following boats in tunnels or the dark could easily identify a boat traveling the in the same direction) for a fresh coat or red and white, Mick carried on with some work on a private boat that we have been doing a part refit on and then he had to go out to a bent skeg and rudder on one of our hire boats, Simon carried on with the welding of a bottom on the boat on the hard standing, lee has been in for a couple of days to catch up with some painting that has fallen behind schedule and Angela, Joyce and me have looked after the shop, office and tea room, well I don't get too involved in the tea room as a pinny doesn't suite me!!

Thats it from me for another day


  1. Oh I think you would look good in a pinny Simon!!!

  2. I think that you want to see me in just a pinny!!