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Friday, 6 July 2012

A sunday on tour

I've been threatening for some years to visit Chasewater reservoir. So, last Sunday I went on a fact finding tour of inspection.

Upon arriving a Chasewater I was immediately drawn by the railway. After having a look around and then sampling a cup of tea and cake from their excellent tea room located in the main station building I was amazed to see a steam loco pulling the carriages into the station. I don't know why but I just expected it to be a diesel loco except on holiday weekends. That was it for me. Straight into the ticket office to purchase a return ticket to have a ride on the line. Although it's a short ride lasting about thirty minutes, it is interesting and gives you a good view of the reservoir and surrounding area.

After arriving back at the station that we joined at, it was time to find the head of navigation of the Anglesey branch. There is a basin here and a control valve at the reservoir feeds the Wolverhampton level from this point. Next it was off to Ogley Junction and then to Longwood Junction. I hadn't been to Longwood since middle 90s and it had hardly changed from what I remembered. There's simply nothing better than getting a whiff of steam and coal smoke as the train rattles along it's track.

We were then off to view the Tame Valley canal from a high bridge in Hamstead and find the locks at Perry Barr and then head back to Tamworth following the route of the Birmingham and Fazeley canal through Aston, Minworth, Curdworth, Drayton Bassett and Fazeley.

I must say that all of the locks on the little used sections of the BCN that I visited were in excellent condition. There was no sign of any vandalism. It's such a shame that these canals don't get used to a greater extent as they are simply a hidden treasure. Don't get put off by the rumours!

I can't really say much about the day here at Norbury today, apart from it has been very WET and I believe it is going to last for a few more days!

Until tomorrow.



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