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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birthday Girl

I have been in the office all on my lonesome today, David is off for the next ten days, enjoying himself, and Angela said that she had swapped her days off to accomodate everyone elses days off, but then I found out that it is her birthday today and I reckon she has gone off somewhere and is having a nice day with her hubby Mark,so a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ange xx

Well today started off a bit damp, grey, overcast and drizzly, but then the sun came out about midday and it was glorious but then it changed again and then rained and its been doing that all afternoon, unfortunately! We had Ember return to us today after a weekend break, lovely bunch of people, some of the party having to drive back to Ireland today, I hope they have a good crossing, they all enjoyed themselves and then they all enjoyed a hearty breakfast in the tea room before setting off, it hasn’t been a busy day today although the lads have all been busy, Steve has replaced the planks in front of the dry dock, the old ones have lasted well and they were only scaffolding planks that we put there 7 years ago,  hopefully these ones will last equally as long, if not even longer, Fred is back from his weeks holiday and has been blacking a boat in the dry dock as well as doing a few pump outs on the hire fleet, Mick has been re fitting Horny Toad after Lee has done a superb job of painting it, I will try and get some photos later in the week when its floated off the dry dock, Simon has been re wiring an engine room and fitting a new toilet, it is amazing the state of some of the wiring you see on boats and how on earth they don’t go up in flames, and Lee has been preparing the next boat in the wet dock for a new paint job that he will be working on for the next few weeks, Denise, Mrs Handbag have looked after the shop and tea room today, which has left me to look after the office, the lads and the phones which has kept me busy!


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