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Monday, 1 October 2012


Its only Monday and already it feels like I have been here a week, I don’t suppose it helps that I have 'man flue' and that is the worst sort that anyone can get, it is debilitating and draining and today I have had Angela off and David off so I have had to look after the office, look after the wharf and all while I am poorly (I cant feel your sympathy?)

Well its October the 1st, its now officially autumn, the canal is getting quieter, the leaves are falling from the trees and in the mornings and the evenings there is a definitive nip in the air, my fires are alight at home now in the evening and we have started selling solid fuels on the wharf, its a nice time of the year on the canals, I personally think it is the most pleasant time to be cruising, although I don’t cruise the canals anymore it was a time of the year that I really loved, smoke curling from the chimneys on the boats up in to a still nights air, and everyone tucked up by a roaring fire, lovely!

Its been a quiet day really, there has been Mrs Handbag, Denise and me in the shop, office and tea room, with Mick, Lee and Steve on the yard, doing several jobs, including a broken macerator toilet, which is not a nice job, Mick has been on that one, Steve on Freddie duties and Lee doing some prep work on yet another private paint job, we have done quite well with the weather and we have only had one shower today, that didn’t last long fortunately, there’s not much more to add about today, apart from im off home now and hopefully to a nice roaring fire.


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