Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 30 September 2012

I saw the two dayboats out this morning while Steve flooded the dock and took the advertising boat to the end of the lane. After that we got the boat that Lee has just finished painting out of the paint dock and put the next one in. Then it was a jigsaw puzzle to get the boats in place down the arm so we could get to the dry dock to dock the one Lee has just painted. After it was docked Steve has pressure washed it and we've tidied the boats up in the basin and made sure all the covers etc. are on as rain is on it's way! The dayboats returned without trouble and are now already for the next outing.

Denise and Joyce have manned the tearoom today whilst Ange has been making curtains, answering phones and doing paperwork.

It's now persisting it down outside, so I'm off home.

Have a good evening.

Until next time...


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