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Monday, 10 September 2012

not very exciting

As the title suggests, not really an exciting day today although I suppose that not every day can be jam packed with excitement, well not along the canal that is, the weather has been a mixed bag today, it started off with a glorious morning, a bit of mist plenty of dew in the garden and the sun trying to make an appearance, it went really muggy about lunch time, cold this afternoon at about three and by 4.30 it started raining, as I am typing the blog it has dried up but is cloudy!

Not much to report about today's activities, I had to drop Steve off at the train station, he was heading for Whaley Bridge to collect a boat that is coming here to be sold, I then came back and sorted some paperwork, sorted the emails then jumped in to the car to go to Newport to do the banking, I forget my wallet so came back to work to get it,had a quick coffee and back to Newport to do some shopping for the Tea room, then back to work where I have been doing paperwork all afternoon, David has been doing David things, never really quite sure what but he does it well, Lorraine and Denise looked after the shop and Tea room as well as cleaning a boat and the cottage that have gone out today, well the cottage hasn't gone out but you know what I mean, Mick turned the boat around and that has been the sum total of the activity for today, As I said, not very exciting today!

Until tomorrow Simon

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