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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

we are at stourport

i do have permission to write this blog.
phew we are here at last...........mark is not very pleased with himself as he couldn't moor the boat outside of the wharf in stourport basin because of the wind, i heard him say to peter "any ideas", peter took over the tiller and within minutes we were moored up and i had tea on the go:)
we left kinver this morning at about 10 o'clock after everyone had showered and eaten, we had run out of bottled water once we had all had a cup of tea first thing and couldn't find a shop anywhere or a water point. the wind caught the boat as we approached the lock at wolverley, peter and i were getting the lock ready and the boat was veering against the bridge, sandra suddenly realised what what was happening and grabbed the pole to push us off the bridge, what a sterling job she did ;) peter and i negotiated our way through all the locks until we got to caldwells lock when we realised we needed a water conservation key, we have never had to use one before and wondered what the hell was going on........."why won't this lock open" i said, then the penny dropped ;).........ooops
it was just after here that sandra and i read the map wrong and thought that we had done all the locks before stourport, we then heard "lock" and we both jumped off the boat to see what the panic was about, sure enough there was another lock that we had missed by which time the stern of the boat was actually touching the lock gate, we are both on the naughty step.
once this lock was out of the way it was all plain sailing.
we did stop at sainsburys in kidderminster for some provisions, 4 bottles of water and a loaf of bread, peter and i went and 45 mins and £65 later came back, on the step again........sorry sandra and mark ;). we are now moored up in stourport basin until tomorrow afternoon when we will start to make a casual cruise back to norbury.
p.s. sandra has just said "don't forget i did one of the locks", i said" if you can tell me the name i will post it"............ha ha
well that's it from me today....byeeee ange.

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