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Friday, 14 September 2012

flippin builders plastic bags

well we left swindon this morning at about 10 o,clock and the sun was shining brightly, it was a glorious morning, perfect boating weather.
marsh lock first then on to botterham where this spectator dived on us as soon as we got to the lock gates to tell us that the top lock needed emptying, mmmmmmmmmmm, go away came to mind. bumblehole next was in our favour then we got to bratch which was also in our favour ;) then on our merry way we went, very quiet. we even had lunch on the go today. sandra said i am taking food orders, who wants what? we gave our orders then i heard the word "lock", sandra and i jumped off while peter cooked breakfast, when we got back onto the boat he had eaten his and sandra and i had a warm bacon and black pudding sandwich.........thanks peter, thanks for coming, thanks for going ;)
had to call in at limekiln today aswell to get a pump out, you don't realise when you are on the boat full time, the toilets fill up quicker......ha ha..........met bob from limekiln for the first time and what a nice chap he is, pointed us in the direction of the local supermarket for more supplies aswell.
i also had another go at steering today and did some bridge negotiating aswell, 10/10 and also passed some stationary boats, i've never had many opportunities to steer the boat as mark doesn't like doing locks very much so i've always drawn the short straw but as we have had 4 people on board this week there has been no excuse for anyone not do anything that they have never done before, but sandra has not steered the boat, she will be doing her helsmans course just before they get their boat in april then it will be way to go.
on approaching autherley junction today we got into the lock and sandra said to me why is the boat shuddering, we had a great big builders bag wrapped around the prop that we picked up as we entered the lock........grrrrrrrrrrr............mark and peter soon had it cut off and thanks to the guy from napton narrowboats for helping pull the boat through the lock, he did offer his help if we needed it but we were fine, thankfully. we are now moored about an hour away from brewood and are having chicken, chorizo and med veg for our tea with a glass of wine or 2, so until next time...........byeeeee, ange and crew.

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