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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The tide is in!

You wouldn’t think that there is a tide on the canal, well there isn’t really but the water is not only controlled by a weir system but also by 'let' off paddles that are situated along the canal in strategic positions, usually found above a brook, stream or a river, what is supposed to happen is that the weirs should cope with the excess water and they usually do, in times when we have heavy rain fall then a BW operative, opps sorry a Cart operative, should lift the paddle and  let some water off, they do this often and forget the paddles are up, consequently they run too much water off and the level of the canal drops alarmingly, but if we have heavy rain fall over night then the paddles don’t get lifted until the morning, subsequently the levels rise and it looks like the tide has come in, we tied a boat up yesterday tight on the wharf and this morning it was listing quite a lot, enough to worry me, I took a look and all was fine.

We have done much better with the weather today, light showers, except for now and it is again throwing it down! Been a manic day today, boat moving, docking, paperwork, emails, and I don’t know where the day has gone.

Until tomorrow

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