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Friday, 28 September 2012

man flu

when i arrived at work this morning david was there but our lord and master wasn't !!!!!!!!!!!
when he arrived some minutes later i said "thanks for coming in, are you ok?", "no i've got man flu" was the reply. "well go home then" we said in unison, "don't get spreading your germs round here", "i can't go home, i have a meeting at 2 o'clock, anyway you won't catch it, you're not a man", well i wasn't the last time i looked anyway ;)........."well go home and come back at 2 o'clock" was the reply.
at lunchtime i asked him what he wanted to eat, we went all through the menu and he decided on tomato soup and a plain cheese sandwich, he must be ill as he normally has a big fat sandwich with loads of mayo.......i do hope amanda doesn't read the blog.
we have had 1 day boat out this morning and what glorious weather they have had, the sun has shone all day.
3 shared boats returned to us which all needed cleaning. mrs handbag has done all the cleaning today, her name is carol but we call her mrs handbag as it is always by her side, she has also cleaned sphinx which has gone out for the weekend and headed off for market drayton, i do hope the weather stays good for them. she has also turned the cottage round, and no it is not facing a different way round....ha ha.
carol has also helped joyce in the tea room today as she has been quite busy due to the nice weather we have had.
fred has been on holiday this week so steve has turned all the boats around.
simon (engineer) has been working on the alternator on wolverley which is fine now but we are still awaiting new brackets for it so that it can be housed properly, other than that he has been a right pain sitting in my seat whenever he comes in to the office and refusing to get out of it so that i can do my work.
before simon went home at 4.45 this evening he said "well it has taken me nearly all week but i have finally cleared my desk".........guess where it my tray, never mind it will soon be emptied....til next time, byeeee ange.

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