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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

back in the swing of things

david has been on a day off today of sorts, he has been outside working on his boat but was there if we needed him ;).............we tried not to need him, honest.
that just left me catching up on all the invoices and boat paperwork for the last 10 days which i had cleared by lunchtime....full steam ahead, joyce answering the phone and doing bookings for hire boats and for next year believe it or not, and lastly denise in the tea room where she has been quite busy, especially over lunch time. i walked down to the tea room this morning stamping my feet complaining to denise about how cold it was....flippin perishing....and she was stood at the sink in the kitchen running her hand under some cold water........."o m g denise" i said," what have you done"? she replied "i shut the door to the tea room cos it was raining mrs warrrrrrrrrrrrd and wondered why it wasn't closing and it was cos my thumb was stuck in it" oooops. i fetched a first aid kit and patched her up but i think she may lose her thumb nail, she has now gone home for a lie down......poor denise, she is off now for the next 3 days so hopefully she will be on her way back to recovery by saturday :)
we had 1 day boat go out this morning with my best friend and family on board, it was hannahs 23rd birthday and i don't know where the years have gone since we met them for the first time, she was only 5 when we first met them and i have been summoned to a party in their pub called the blue pig before christmas on a blue pig promise ;).........don't worry hannah, we will be there, i promise.
i haven't really got that much more to tell you about today except that the weather has been very mixed and flippin cold..............brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
till next time byeeeee ange.

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