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Sunday, 16 September 2012

we're back

we left gnosall at 9 am this morning, i was still in the shower ;) looked out of the window and we were moving, still managed to wave to velda as we passed her boat and we had matching dressing gowns on..........good choice velda.
there were quite a few boats about this morning, some of them were our hire boats heading south, although we did see monarch there this morning but she then came through norbury around 11 am this morning.
polly, little baby yorkie, was running hell for leather down the towpath this morning towards norbury, i don't know where she gets all her energy from she is only 17 weeks old and has been so well behaved this week along with phoebe who has been an absolute diamond, welcome back anytime.
peter and sandra along with phoebe and polly have returned to newcastle upon tyne this afternoon and have arrived home safely :)
the end.............bye ange.

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