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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

busmans holiday

Big thanks to Ange for posting a blog yesterday and letting us know about her antics, Yes Ange and crew you are all numpties!!

Its great that virtually everyone that works at Norbury has an interest in boats, canals or has got some history with the canals and boats, David was bought up with canals and boats and of course lives on one and enjoys messing with historic boats in his down time, if you ever need to know anything about the history of the boats then David is your man, Angela lives on a boat and has done before and she enjoys cruising along the canals, Lorraine also has a boat, Joyce also lives on a boat and enjoys cruising the canals,Denise also lives on a boat, Mick lives on a boat and cruises the canals, Simon our engineer has been bought up with boats on the broads and is currently building his own narrow boat and loves all things boats, Lee doesn't live on a boat nor does he cruise the canals but his mom and dad were both born on the working boats and Lee spent many years traveling around with them on boats until they finally settled down, Fred lives on a boat, Bernard has been working on narrowboats all of his working life, now he has taken semi retirement, and lastly me, I don't live on a boat anymore, I did for many many years and I travelled the canal system extensively, but now prefer the comfort of a house, but I still love boating and in my spare time I love nothing more than messing about in boats but on the sea and the estuaries in the South of the country; You could say that we all have busmans holidays!

Its been a busy day here, well not that busy but in the absence of David, Ange, Denise, Mick, Steve and Charlotte it has been quite busy, the rain this afternoon pretty much killed the job so Joyce slooped of early and we shut the doors on time, which does make a change.

That's it from me for today.

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