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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

the weather men got it right again

well what a beautiful day it has been here at norbury today, bit parky when i was walking to work this morning even with the sun out but none the less a glorious hot day.
no day boats today :(
lorraine has been quite busy in the tea room today especially over lunch time. joyce has taken over what i was doing yesterday, thank goodness. we have a rack now to hang chandlery items on, everything has to be put into a bag and then a header card attached, which is then punched with a hole to hang on a rack with the price displayed i felt like punching someone yesterday and it would have been simons uncle david, he wouldn't share anything, said he had his own production line going, what a laborious task.........yawn, we are nearly done and more header cards being delivered tomorrow, the chap told me monday but simon had a quiet word in his ear and they will be ready at 11 a.m tomorrow ;0)
charlotte has been out cleaning boats ready for the weekend, i went to check what was going on at one stage and found 3 boats that hadn't been stripped of their washing from the weekend.......deep joy, something else to fit in to our busy schedule, i am trying to make sure that everything is done as much as possible as i am off for 10 days, going cruising with friends of ours down to stourport, but i keep finding things that haven't been sorted with the boats, bit like taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back, will all be sorted for friday, i'll make sure it is.
fred has been doing freddie things and engineer simon has been helping him, bit worrying that both of them could be in trouble at some stage :(
well that's it from me for today, until next time..........byeee ange.

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