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Friday, 7 September 2012

winding down

yippee.............i am on holiday for 10 days, just off down to the winding hole to turn round so that we are facing the right direction tomorrow, then stourport here we come. well that is the intention it all depends how much football is watched en route, not by me i hasten to add, mark and peter and sandra, the crew.
well it has been blisteringly hot here at norbury today and has bought people out in their droves to enjoy tea and cakes and ice cream has also flown out of the doors.
lorraine has been busy in the tea room today and she has called on either joyce or myself to help her out at busier times as charlotte and denise have been putting the finishing touches to the boats that are going out tomorrow, lorraine will "ping" them tomorrow (that means you can bounce a 10p piece off them.....ha ha.....we call her mrs ping). they have also been getting wharf cottage ready for a b and b tomorrow night for 1 person and then we will have to get it ready for a short break on monday............ooooops not we, they....i am on holiday ;)
fred has had a quiet turnround day today as we have only had 2 shared boats return to us this morning, all the rest are out for 2 weeks (lucky things), phantasy has also returned to us this morning with sad people on board, sad because they have to go home after a fantastic week aboard :(
we have had sphinx go out today for a week doing the 4 counties.
david and simon have been doing the prices for next years brochure.
i have been watching the clock.............not all day, honest simon, well that's all from me for today, last job done for 10 days, .................byeeeeeee ange.

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