Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Policy

It isn’t very often that people really annoy me but today several people have got under my skin, life is too short to deal with unreasonable people so from today onwards I am making a new policy where I refuse to deal with unreasonable people, if that means that I will loose some business and subsequently some money then so be it, this morning I had a lovely email from a couple thanking us very much for sorting out their problems yesterday on their boat, and then later on this afternoon we had a chap complaining that as I had not contacted him then I obviously wasn’t committed and we weren’t doing him a favour etc etc, I work most days well in to the early evening and often call people after the office has shut, but because I hadn’t called this one chap back in the time scale in his mind, that means I am not committed to my work! Well he has just lost out on my expert advice and help and will have to find someone else to deal with!

The weather has been a bit better today, and we have even seen some sun, but we didn’t escape a really good deluge late on this afternoon, its been a really busy day here today, and we also had 22 tons of prepacked winter fuels delivered, so we are now well stocked up for the on set of winter, sounds horrible, doesn’t it! not much of interest to report today, Lee has finished the boat off in the wet dock, Simon has been welding anodes and rudders up, removing smashed windows and sorting batteries out, Steve has been doing Freddie jobs, a bit of blacking and plenty of skiving just like Fred!

That’s it from me for today, still lots to do for me.


  1. Here here, I fully approve of the new policy, if customers feel the need to be unreasonable then thats their look-out and your experience should not be considered a free service. I'm sure it happens more than you'd think, after all many pubs and clubs, transport services and hospitals etc reserve the right to only put up with customers abuse to a point. I am sure you will draw in a more descerning crowd by putting up a notice saying no idiots allowed..! Paul.

  2. Hi Simon. Every business gets its fair share of plonkers, yes even here in far frozen North.
    However as we have learned over the years we have adopted a wee catch phrase which I'm sure you will enjoy,
    "Never argue with an idiot, they will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience".
    Many thanks for all the many happy hours you and your excellent team have so efficiently helped provide us with.
    Wilf & Maggie