Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


What on earth is going on with this vile weather? having been away last week and having had stunning sunshine everyday until Sunday, I was shocked to drive back in to Staffordshire and see just how much it has rained, you would not believe that only 200 miles away the weather could be so different, don’t get me wrong, Sunday it rained on and off for most of the day, Monday it rained a bit in the morning and the trip home we saw virtually no rain, so you can imagine my surprise as I came off the motor way to see rivers with burst banks, fields more like lakes, water running off the fields across the roads like rivers, and then when I watched the news to see how many flood warnings there are in our area, bloody hell I should have stayed down south!

 I did have a superb week, a bit of boating, just for a change, this time we headed down to Weymouth along the south coast, it was very quiet down there, I bet we could have counted the amount of moving boats on one hand that week, we had to break the week short, diesel bug slowed us down twice and I had to change the filters, a party to go to at the boatyard where the boat is and a quick trip in to London, so not a totally relaxing week!

As you can imagine it hasn’t been an overly busy day here today, a couple of boats on the wharf, virtually no one n the tearoom and shop, lots off people off so me, Ange, Denise, Simon, Lee and Steve have done what has been required, although Simon had to disappear off to a breakdown late on today, Steve called it a day having spent a lot of it out side in the rain, which only left the four of us so you can see its been quiet, that has been good for me as my first day back I have had loads to catch up on, nearly there just a couple of jobs to finish off and I should be back on top, so until tomorrow.


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