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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The weather is so changeable at the moment, one minute the sun is out and it is baking hot, the next it is hammering it down with rain. As Ange told you, I was trying to get some jobs done on my own boat yesterday. A good friend of mine came over to give me a hand too, he was halfway through painting on the cabin top when the heavens opened so we moved Ant into the bridge hole on the mainline of the canal to take cover. No sooner had we got in there a boat appeared wanting to pass through. Luckily it was someone that I knew so they understood the situation and ended up pulling in for some diesel. We dodged the showers and fingers crossed no harm has been caused...

Fred and Steve docked a boat this morning. Fred has pressure washed it off and Steve carried on tarting a boat up that we have currently got for sale. Once the pressure washing Fred and Steve have given the dock a bit of a blitz. We try and keep the floor in the dock immaculate and the majority of the time it is. Unfortunately on the odd occasion the silt does build up and then the centre channel becomes blocked, meaning that any ingress of water flows over the dock floor meaning that it makes it quite uncomfortable to work in as you are sloshing around in water. The boat that we refloated this morning had an amazing number of fresh water muscles stuck to it's underside that promptly fell off all over the dock floor and blocked the centre channel. It's all nice and clean again, but it has been hard work for them both...

Ange has been catching up on paperwork, answering phones and looking after customers, whilst Lorraine has been kept occupied in the tearoom.

Until tomorrow.

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