Shop front in the summer

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Firstly, thank you to Ange for keeping us updated with her trip and writing a blog when we just seem to run out of time!

Although it's gone cooler the weather has been delightful today with the sun out for the majority of the day. We've turned six boats round and the cottage along with the three dayboats that went out this morning.

Mick had to attend a breakdown at Goldstone - nothing serious, just a few wires that had been tugged that operate the toilet on Reflection. Since he came back he has been doing the internals on the boats and some showrounds. Simon has checked the engines over and done some show rounds too.

Will and Fred have completed all their normal Saturday jobs and are now having a bit of tidy up in the stores.

That's it from me today - I'm off to have a gander at the boats at Windmill End.



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