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Saturday, 1 September 2012

One of those days

Firstly I must apologise for not writing a blog last night, but it was one of those days. We had quite an emergency on our hands which resulted in pulling one of our moorers boats up the slipway and affecting some repairs.

It's been manic today too. We've only turned five boats around and had three dayboats out, but it feels like we have turned about a hundred boats round. We had to dock one of our hire boats as it had developed a fault with the stern gear. The good news is that it is all sorted now. We are running late tonight and the lads are still outside getting the dayboats ready for tomorrow, but we are nearly there and ready to go home.

I've had to leave the girls to it today as I have been outside getting my hands dirty - it doesn't happen often these days, but is quiet satisfying when you get the job sorted properly! Ange has looked after the customers whilst Lorraine and Charlotte have been incharge of the tearoom and Joyce, Denise and Sarah have been cleaning the boats and preparing them for the arrival of the customers.

I've got alot of telephone calls, paperwork and emails to catch up on tomorrow, until then...


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