Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Its getting better

Well what a better start to the day than yesterday, My partner pulled back the curtains this morning and let a stream of sun light straight into my eyes, that woke me up pretty sharp, not wanting to waste a minute of that rare thing called the sun I shot out of bed and have been enjoying the sun all day long, long may it last!

We all knows what happens when the sun shines, yep it brings out the people and Norbury has been a bit busier than yesterday, loads of people on the wharf for diesel and the usual services, the tea room has been busy, loads of people around, a nice vibe to the place, we have been a bit thin on the ground staff wise this week, partly due to the weather and partly because of staff holidays and days off, Simon has been busy today finishing off a few outstanding jobs, fitting anodes and engine servicing, Fred has been blacking and looking after the boats on the wharf as well as doing pump outs and diesel on the fleet boats, Ange, Lorraine and Charlotte have looked after the tea room and shop, I have been answering phones, seeing customers and I had a surprise visit from the health and safety executive, I haven't had one in about two years so was a little surprised to have someone turn up out of the blue, it was a different person to the one I am used to dealing with , this one is a young lady, the last one was a bit of an old crusty bloke with no sense of humor, lets hope that this new one has one, anyway no issues raised and she went on her way, lets see what the follow up letter says!

That's it from me for this week, not around now until Monday, I have heard that we are in for a hot weekend, I hope so, enjoy what ever you are up to.

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