Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 19 August 2012

After hearing the weather forecast last night I was surprised to see the sun making an appearance when I was getting ready to venture to work this morning. Mick and I got the three dayboats ready and we don't seem to have stopped since!

Mick's had to attend a breakdown in Gnosall, which luckily didn't turn out to be anything major. Steve gave me a hand to undock a private boat that Fred finished blacking yesterday and then dock another which is in to have it's cabin top painted this week.

By lunchtime it had become overcast and we have had a fair bit of rain, although it has remained humid.

Lorraine, Ange and Joyce have been busy in the shop and tearoom and have had the assistance of Ange's mother-in-law who has done a sterling job of keeping on top of the washing up - thanks Olive!

We've been listening to the V festival in the distance which is on at Weston Park this weekend. It's seems incredibly loud this year - or it's just that the wind is carrying the music in this direction? It will be bedlam on the A5, A41, M6 and M54 later - so avoid it if you can...

Until tomorrow.



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