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Friday, 10 August 2012

whooooooooooooosh where did today go

wow what a barmy day it has been here at norbury today, i just don't know where the time has gone. we had 2 day boats out this morning and both enjoyed an excellent day, the weather has been absolutely fantastic, i even got a sun tan taking the new hirers across the car park to their boat, i do hope the weather holds for them all.
we had 4 hire boats return this morning, 3 of them have turned round and sphinx has also gone out for a week.
fred has had a quiet day today with turn rounds as we had only 1 ex ownership return, all the others have had been lucky and gone out for 2 weeks..........wait till next friday fred :)
the tea room has been very busy today and kim has coped with help from lorraine and joyce at times. we had a massive delivery of ice cream delivered today as we are hoping for a busy weekend, i've struggled to find room for it all but we got there in the end.
billy showed all the boats out today, it is nice to have him help us, he polishes the tillers and tiller pins and they glow, thanks bill, they look good x.
i sent simon out shopping this afternoon and as usual he returned late and expected everything on the shelves yesterday.............2moz simon............well that's all from me today......byeeeee ange.

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