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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Beer O'clock

It gets to that time of day when the sun has been beating its rays out ALL day long on our nearly Lilly white skin (well it is after this years poor weather) when you get that dry taste in your mouth and you look at the clock and realise its nearly beer o'clock time, well that feeling just happened to me, so a very short blog tonight as I'm going for a pint with the lads, talking about the lads, Jake has been changing propellers today, servicing engines on the day boats (someone missed out on a fantastic day today as non of the day boats went out) he helped Fred dock a boat, Simon attended a nasty breakdown this morning, I wont elaborate but involved blocked toilets! He then double checked the engine installation that Jake did last week as that was collected today, he then nipped up to a boat at Shebdon to fit some window finishing strips that didn't turn up with a new set of Windows we fitted last week, The girls have been rushed off their feet in the shop and tea room and I have also been nicely busy, not too stressed and not to rushed, so on that note I am off for a beer to round the day off.

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