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Friday, 3 August 2012

dry day today for a change

it has been a much better day weather wise here at norbury today, we've had no rain at all although it has been a little bit overcast at times but for for the most part it has been a very pleasant day.
we had quartz, pippin and reflection return to us this morning, all had an excellent time and we have turned pippin and reflection around, sphinx has also gone out with a hen party on board, they don't plan to do much cruising, just having a girlie weekend with plenty to eat and drink, they did ask if there were shops on route just in case they ran out of alcohol........ha ha.
we have also had the ex ownerships boats go out today and most of them have gone out for 2 weeks, lucky people, i hope they all have a good time.
engineer simon has been welding a boat on hardstanding and bernard has been busy doing the engines on the boats going out and has made a start on the boats going out tomorrow. we also had bill in today to do the internal checks on the boats that have gone out today and he also done the show 5.45 this evening he was going down the moorings on sphinx with the hen party with a great big grin on his face.
fred has been busy on the wharf with diesel and pump outs this morning and he also had the hire fleet to do so was a bit grumpy as he was falling behind.
we had 3 day boats out this morning and all returned without issues.
the girls have all been kept busy today aswell, cleaning, cooking washing and looking after the shop and the phone has been relentless with day boat and holiday bookings, i have even had a couple of enquiries for next year, and we have actually taken a confirmed booking for may next year......if you want to book a boat for whitsun next year i suggest you get in now because as soon as christmas is done with the phones will be red hot and they will all be gone.
well that's it from me today, until next time...........byyeee ange.

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