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Thursday, 23 August 2012

inspiration required

It is really difficult to try and find interesting things to write about on a daily basis about our work here at Norbury, to us it just seems the same day in day out, I am aways looking for inspiration and new things to talk about other than breakdowns, docking boats, the wharf or the tea room, so if anyone has any good ideas or anything they think we should be talking about then please feel free to give us some ideas, keep them clean!

Thursday has been just like any other day, except the sun has shone all day which has been nice, three day boats out first thing this morning, Freddie blacked a boat on the dock and then did the services on Windsor that was returned to us this morning, David turned the boat around and Sarah gave it a good clean and generally got it ready to go out this afternoon, we don't normally do funny day starts but this year we are prepared to let a boat out on any day, Fred has been busy on the wharf all day and we have certainly sold some diesel so another load has been ordered for Friday as its going to be a busy weekend, Loraine and Charlotte have looked after the tearoom all day although that hasn't been that busy, even though the sun has been out, Becks arrived back on the wharf this afternoon with a boat that is to be sold on, more details about that later on, the day boats are just crashing in to the wharf so I must go and try and see what can be salvaged from the mess.

that's it from me today

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  1. I read the blog most days - so don't comment on what that says about me!

    An everyday story of canal folk has it's attractions - ask the Archers. The cut and thrust of pumpouts and diesel sales does have its attraction, especially when spiced up with the odd docking and breakdown!

    I do think that it is intersesting to learn something of the routine Norbury Wharf. I'm sure most boaters just think that everything runs automatically so it's good to learn something about the effort and thinking that goes on behind the scenes.

    The other factor which helps to retain interest is having three writers each of whom have their own style - especially Ange's off-the-wall chic! (Don't tell her - she'll want a pay rise!)

    So how could you improve things? Some more guides and videos about the canal. In fact a quick look at the blog and website and I'd see any refrences or links to the ones you already have.

    A guide about how to buy a boat could go on for a long time. You could publish it in sections before bringing it together as a full finished article. You could write it whenever you had a moment and keep it for a time when you don't have time or inclination to write a daily report.

    Apart from the usual about types of stern and reverse layouts, you could add your own insights as both a buyer and seller of more boats boats than most of us will see in a lifetime. I would like to know more about which makers are considered to be the best. Apollo Duck lists over 200 makes and even then that hides the multiple combinations of hull builder and fitter out. You wouldn't want to write, " Joe Bloggs builds the best boats but Sam Smith's will all sink within a year" but I'm sure that you could mention some undisputedly good names and perhaps have a Top Twenty nominated and voted on by customers and blog readers.

    You have so many boats going through your hands that you must come across so many examples of good and bad practice - please write about those. A video or photographs of what happens when anodes aren't replaced for example.

    Both you and David; (and Ange too perhaps?), have had a long and varied life on the canal so some stories from those days would be interesting - you should leave out your trip under Harecastle with Prince Harry - unless you have the photos!

    I've kept my best idea until last - you should give Fred the right to reply at least once every three months - that would be worth reading.

    I know that having to write a blog most days, even when you are very busy, takes a lot of time and energy but I'm sure many people apprciate it - you will know the figures.

    Keep going as you are but if you can add a new dimension from time to time - even better.