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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What must you think

Well I laughed when I read Angela's posts over the last few days, and yes we also Laughed when I put those magnets on my tongue, I wasn't laughing afterwards when a piece of my tongue came away, Ouch! What must you lot think of us! We are normally very hard working souls but you have to have a Laugh at work other wise it would be a dull place! Anyway I wouldn't suggest that for one minute you consider putting strong magnets on your body parts, it hurts!

What a start to the day today, I opened my bedroom curtains this morning to a grey and overcast sky, as I open the door to get in to my car it started to rain, not heavily and I was hoping that it would blow away, WRONG, it got heavier and heavier until it became torrential, I was sent a link to a weather report that says that we are in for a heatwave starting this weekend and lasting trough September, I am on my hands and knees praying that they have got it right this time.

Not so busy today, although we did have three day boats out today, poor buggers, they all turned up in great spirits and went off in the pouring rain, fortunately for them the rain stopped at about 10.30 but it has remained grey and dull all day; when I used to boat on Empress and we had a time schedule to keep to I could end up standing steering the boat anything up to 15hours a day in the pouring rain, I remember one particular day I had to change my clothes three times and I was wearing waterproofs, it doesn't make for much fun in those circumstances, although I am not a fan of pram hood covers on days like today or them I would have loved one, the old boatmen of yesteryear used to do a makeshift cover to try and give some protection for the elements, how things have changed as now you can get all sorts of purpose built covers.

The wharf has been quiet today as you can imagine and the tea room and shop have been like a ghost town which has given Joyce the chance to catch up on some outstanding jobs in the shop and Angela has caught up with all of her paperwork, Fred has been busy with docking boats and pressure washing,but I did give hem the afternoon off as it was quiet, Simon has finished off servicing private boats and fabricating rnew rear doors and Steve has been doing some repairs to the shower area on Python and pumping bilges out while everyone else has been trying to dodge the rain and stay in doors.

That's it from me until tomorrow.

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