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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Loverley day!

Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday, I started to write it and then got distracted by some body, it was a bit of a day yesterday so to speak and by the time I got around to finishing off the blog I had lost interest and hadn't got the heart to finish it off as it would have been a half hearted attempt! Today on the other hand has been wonderful, nicely busy, nice people, and the sun has been shining, no day boats out today so it was quiet first thing, in a way I am glad as Angela is off, David is off, Lorraine is off, Jake is off and Fred is off, it feels like everyone is off except me, I have to say though that it has been a great day working with Sarah, Denise, Charlotte and Jodie, That's why the title is Loverley day as Denise came back after a two week break and she talks with a curly accent and today that's all I have heard from the tea room!

Not really much to report about today, the lads have all been busy, Steve fitting new front doors to a boat, Mick doing several jobs on boats in and around the yard and finally Simon has been finishing off the welding on the boat on the hard standing, I have been in and out all day, but it was grand to speak with our old friend and good customer Sue with the boat No Problem who is currently on the river Thames but she is on route back to the midlands and will be popping in to see us in the autumn for us to look after her and Vic and also give her boat a bit of a re vamp, watch this space.

That's it from me for tonight

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