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Saturday, 25 August 2012

barmy, balmy day

well, where do i start ?
what a mad busy day we have had here today at norbury.
we had 2 day boats out first thing, both of which have returned without any issues.
we had 7 hire boats return to us this morning all of which have turned round and gone off again for another week. this has kept fred and will busy with diesel, pump outs and watering them all up and finally washing them all off. all the girls have been busy too with cleaning the boats and wharf cottage, i have also done some work today for a change (not a word simon) i made all the beds on all the boats, i'm gonna give myself a gold star i think, especially as simon (engineer) told me to stop chuntering to myself as everywhere i turned we had deck boards up on the back of the boats and i needed to get on with clean bedding and towels, come on ange you can step over that gap he said, if there are only 2 engineers why do they all need to be up i said, oh stop chuntering and get on with it, charming, i can just see myself stepping over the gap and disappearing down it. we've just got all the washing left to do now and that will take us a couple of days. simon and bernard have done all the engine checks and bill has been dong all the internal checks and then the guys showed all the boats out.
some have headed up towards chester, 1 is doing the black country ring and 1 was going to do the 4 counties but changed their mind when they got here as there is only 2 of them and didn't realise how much hard work was involved, you do really need 2 weeks to enjoy the 4 counties.
lorraine and charlotte have been busy in the tea room aswell today, at one stage lorraine was cooking 16 breakfasts, i don't know how she does it, if i was faced with that i'd be in a blind panic, it's a good job we have a griddle to cook everything on, makes life so much easier.
the sun has shone for most of the day today and it has been really hot, at 12.30 the guys went for their lunch break and the heavens opened so out i shot to close all the slide hatches on the boats and collected up all the soggy paperwork that had been left on top of the boats, they were all on the naughty step as i had to write everything out again before the customers arrived.
david went off to a wedding at 4 o'clock this afternoon and left me in charge, well as you can imagine the guys all thought they would try to pull the wool over my eyes, not a chance, day boats all done for tomorrow, advertising boat fetched back, gas cage filled up, i just hope i didn't miss anything out or i'll be on the step aswell.
well until next time, byeee ange.

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  1. Well done Ange, it's nice to know someone at Norbury keeps it all running!