Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 12 August 2012

After I finished work last night I took Annie out for a walk across the field and we came back to prepare for a BBQ that I had invited some friends over to. No sooner had I thought about striking the match, a call came through on the callout phone. So I was off down the towpath to jump start Phantom. Unfortunately the domestic batteries didn't have enough life in them to start the engine either, so I had a brisk walk back to the yard and collected Victory. Minutes after arriving back to Phantom I had the engine running, checked the charging rate and explained to the customers how the electrics on the boat operate. My guests were somewhat surprised to see me travelling down the arm on a dayboat to get the party started! We had a fabulous evening and were joined by two more guests who just popped in on the off chance of us being in.

I awoke this morning (without a stonking headache I must add!) listening to a local radio station. It wasn't until I opened the front doors to let Annie out that I heard the shop alarm sounding. On with a pair of shoes and a quick dash over to the yard to find everything intacked although the alarm was still sounding. The alarm panel showed that it was one of the sensors in the shop that had activated it. I had a quick glance around to find a spider had happily weaved a web right across the sensor!

We had three dayboats go out this morning and we have had one hire boat go out. it's been busy today, although the weather has been very changeable, one minute it's raining, the next the sun is beating down on us!

Ange is now off on holiday for the week, so if you see her pass on her boat - give her a wave.

Back over to Simon in the morning.

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  1. Hi,

    Filled with Diesel at the Wharfe this morning. Brilliant price. Your alarm was sounding at 6am this morning when I got up and started at 2am according to a fellow moorer! Norbury does not do quiet! Will be back though.