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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Another nice'ish day

Its been another nice day apart from the odd torrential down pour, now the sun is shinning and its loverly (said in a 'curly accent'as Denise would say it) its been a very very busy day today, the wharf has been virtually non stop and we have also had several boats on the wharf with engine issues and battery issues, that has kept Fred busy, the pump out blocked up it had that much use, me and David soon sorted that out,we even ran out of diesel, not to worry though as the tanks will be full of fresh stuff first thing in the morning, Simon has been welding and dodging the showers, Jake has been fitting a new engine and he has cracked on well with that and it is in danger of being finished on time, the shop has been very busy which has kept Lorraine and Kim busy and we have had a lot of our boats return after their holidays.

We had a couple in today from Nottingham, they were viewing houses in the area and a lovely couple they were, the lady commented on the blog, I was amazed as they were not boaters but had read the blog, it just goes to show how many people read the blog and not just those interested in boats.

That's it from me for today.

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