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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

busy, busy,busy

we have been soooooo busy today you wouldn't get your breath, we are all worn out.
it has been the sort of day that you would expect at this time of the year, sun out all day, blue skies and passing hire boats stopping to buy gifts from the shop.
we had 3 day boats out this morning and they all had a great time.
when i arrived at work this morning denise was already there, she was busy putting out the brollies ready for the sun and she also had a pot of coffee filtering through, well at least she thought she had, i said "denise why have we got hot water filtering through the coffee machine", her reply was "cos i forgot to put the coffee in mrs warrrrrrrrd" in her loverrrrly curly accent. denise and joyce have been very busy in the tea room today, so much so that i had to go and help them at times with the washing up and collecting the dishes from outside, it makes a change from sitting in front of the computer.
we almost ran out of diesel today, checked the tanks as normal only to find we were really low, we only had a delivery on friday,another fresh lot has just been delivered.
mick has been working on a private job, trying to find out why the rain leaks in someones window, bit difficult when it's not raining but we've had enough of the wet stuff but he did find out where and why and is now sorted.
engineer simon has done an engine service on a private boat that has now headed towards llangollen for about 5 weeks which gives me loads of time to make the curtains for his boat while he is away, i have got 9 pairs to make and 2 door curtains so i will be busy with that :)
boss simon has a sore tongue from messing about with the batteries yesterday, i say serve him right but he was still messing about with them today, he said to me "here ange stick these on your ears"............yeah right
steve has been working on the moorings killing weeds and also doing freddie things again as fred has had a days holiday today.
anyway you've all probably heard enough from me for this week so until next time, byeeee.

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