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Monday, 6 August 2012

Busy busy busy!

Well given the state of the economy and the poor weather over the weekend I didn't expect this morning to go as it did, Monday mornings can be a bit busy but this mooring was as the title says, I know we are doing some superb deals at the moment and I reckon that people are taking advantage of that as first thing saw three of us with the phones glued to our ears taking bookings like they were going out of fashion, this was at the same time as seeing some boats back in, and trying to see the customers who had arrived for the day boats, the day has been pretty much full on since then.

Jake has showed the three day boats out, turned three hire boats around and has showed them out as well, he has also done a bit of finishing off on the engine that he installed last week, that's all done now and ready to go, Mick has been refitting the boat that has just come out of the dock and stripped the one that has gone in to the dock for painting and then went back to another private job, Steve has been plumbing all day, David mentioned yesterday that we had a burst pipe so Steve has been on that all day, Joyce has done a good job of looking after the shop, Jodie has been cleaning hire boats most of the day while Kim has done a sterling job of looking after the customers in the tea room, Me and David have sat with our feet up on the desks all day chatting, I wish!!

That's it from me for today.

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