Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

mini heat wave

Wow what a busy day it has been here today, the sun has been really hot today, 27 degrees! long may it last. The phones have not stopped ringing all day long and the tea room and shop have seen lots of people in, bookings on day boats and boats on the wharf for diesel non stop, we ran out again toady but managed to get the tanks filled pretty quick so they are full again, we only had two day boats out today and one hire boat which Simon soon sorted, Mick has had his head in the bilges of a private boat all day sorting out its generator, Simon has been plating a boat, Fred has been up the moorings tidying up after Steve had cut the undergrowth back, it grows really quick at this time of the year, Joyce and Jodie have looked after the tea room and Jodie has managed to do a bit of cleaning on the boats and poor old Ange has been run off her feet today doing just about everything, she is golden! David is on his two days off and I have been manning the phones and looking after customers, I still have some work to catch up on so it looks like i will be having a late one, now that the phones have stopped and the customers have all gone it is nice and quiet and i can get on and do some catching up, so until tomorrow

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