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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

very nice day

When I awoke this morning the sun was streaming through the crack in the curtains, I still had trouble peeling my self out of the bed at 6.45 this morning but none the less I did and pulled back the curtains to reveal a lovely golden sun in the sky, dew on the ground and a bit of mist rising, I can honestly say that I thought that it wouldn't stay like it all day but I am glad to say that I was proved wrong and it has been a stunning day all day long.

Its been a busy one today, three day boats out first thing this morning, Simon saw two out and I saw the other one off, Simon then went and finished the side door modifications that he started yesterday,Fred and Steve docked a boat for survey, then after that they docked another for blacking which he then pressure washed off leaving Steve to also look after boats on the wharf I have looked after the wharf aswell and several boats that have come in that have either broken down or fallen apart, Simon then came back from the dock and did a repair on a broken down boat, the day boats came back with out incident, Reflection came back with out issue and we all went home!

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