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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Black and dismal

It all started off quite nice this morning but it soon looked like it was going to change, everyone kept saying the rain is on its way, I thought naa not today, well I was proved totally wrong and at 2.30 the heavens spilled their guts right on top of us, I don't mean a light fluttery shower with a few spots, I mean a full on down pour accompanied by rumblings of thunder from far away, it slowed for a while and then came down even harder, that was pretty much the end of the day on the customer front as it went like a ghiost town from that point onwards, the phones have also been quiet today which has enabled me to crack on with a couple of big quotes in relative peace and quiet.

we had three day boats out first thing this morning, poor sods will have gotten drenched today as there is nowhere to hide when steering one of them, Fred went and blacked a boat and Steve disappeared up the moorings to do some work, the pair of then soon wandered in to the office when we had a light shower earlier on, seeing as I was in a good mood and didn't anticipate it being busy I gave them both the rest of the day off, Simon was cracking on with the last couple of jobs on the plating job until a call from one of our hire boats took him off to Penkeridge to sort that out, Jake saw the day boats out first thing, did all of the checks on a hire boat and has been tatting around the yard the rest of the day on different jobs.

That's it from me for today.

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